How it all began...

In the 1950s, there was a young New Jersey boy who had a dream. His dream was to one day own a printing company. So well known was this boy’s dream that in the eighth grade the middle school newspaper featured an illustration of downtown USA, including “Jay’s Print Shop.”

After graduating high school and serving in the military, Jay moved to Indiana to pursue a degree in Printing Management. After receiving his degree, gaining professional experience, and taking a second mortgage on his home, Jay Straka realized his dream and founded Priority Press in 1980.

Today, Priority Press is one of six strategically aligned operating companies which comprise The Priority Group. Those companies include Priority Press, Priority Graphics, Priority Promotions, Priority Imaging, Priority Products, and Diversity Press. A seventh company, formerly Shirley Engraving, became fully integrated into Priority Press in 2022.

Through the years, Priority Press expanded its operations and customer base. In 2009, brothers Joe and Rob purchased the business from their father. Leveraging brand management experience gained from Procter & Gamble and business degrees from Northwestern and Harvard respectively, the Straka brothers set out to build a company that could uniquely serve brand-focused companies looking to deliver tactile brand messaging in an omnichannel world.

Led by brothers Joe and Rob Straka, Priority Group is driven to help its clients grow their brands in channels people see, touch, feel and experience. Much more than a mere printing company today, Priority Group leverages real-world brand management experience and offers a holistic, integrated brand delivery platform offering various products, services, and solutions.

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Building Great Brands Since 1980

The Priority Group has facilities in Indianapolis, Indiana, where the company is headquartered, as well as in Shenzhen, China. Priority Group companies (where applicable) are ISO 9001:2015 certified, G7 Master qualified, HIPAA compliant, and Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified to promote the responsible stewardship of the world’s forests.

At Priority, we believe all great brands have a promise.  Let us help communicate your promise and build your brand today.

Our Services And Solutions Include:
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Priority Group is an integrated brand delivery platform helping companies grow their brands in channels people see, touch, feel and experience.

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All great brands have a promise. Let us help
communicate your promise and build your brand today.