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Grace Samson-Song is a certified executive coach, facilitator, and trainer. She is the founder of The Maximize Group. She has worked for over a decade as a motivational speaker and corporate trainer in retail and hotel industries before becoming a professional coach. Grace is also the creator of the PIN Code Program. She is passionate about helping others navigate personal and professional transitions.

As a professional coach, what are some of the biggest challenges you are seeing for businesspeople in today’s landscape?

Some of the biggest challenges I think that business leaders are grappling with in today’s landscape are mainly in two categories: External and Internal.

External: Gone are the days of putting business on autopilot. Fluctuating economy and changing market structures are some of the top challenges business leaders are facing today. Strategies that worked a few years ago are no longer effective. Previous success in no way guarantees future success. Businesspeople are challenged with a constant need to innovate or pivot to maintain their competitive advantage.

Internal: Considering the Great Resignation trend that began post pandemic, recruiting and retaining high performing employees has become a real challenge. Many employees are rethinking their values and reasons for working since the pandemic disrupted the old way of work. Business leaders are now faced with the challenge of aligning their businesses with the unique needs of their workers to retain them.

Can you share why personal growth and professional success are so intricately connected?

Personal growth and professional success are two sides of the same coin. Most successful people are dedicated to their personal growth. Personal development is about a commitment to continual learning and development. When an individual is growing and improving, the ripple effect of this will be reflected in professional success. It is my firm belief that “business is personal.“ When you are committed to becoming the best version of yourself, you will invariably experience tremendous professional success because “who you are affects what you do.” Your ability to grow personally is directly linked to your business success.

What is your hope for those that are spiritually minded who find themselves in personal or professional transition?

For the spiritually minded who find themselves in some form of personal or professional transition, my hope is that they will do the necessary work required to navigate the transition in a courageous way. One way to do this is to anchor one’s mindset with empowering core beliefs. One belief that I personally find useful is to embrace the idea that all things work together for good—even the unpleasant experiences. Another core belief is that the ultimate purpose of life is growth, not merely comfort. Sometimes growth comes disguised as a challenging transition. This is easier said than done. At the end of the day, every transition when fully embraced can result in a profound personal transformation and self-actualization.

Can you tell us about the PIN Code program and who it fits?

I created the PIN Code to help those in transition. The PIN Code program is a life-decoding coaching course that helps you make sense of the random puzzle pieces in your life. It is designed to help you assemble those pieces so that you can courageously move on to the next season in your life and career. The program will help you synthesize your past and present life experiences in a way that makes sense. You will be able discern what is holding you back and decode the critical elements that are essential to your moving forward. One of the main outcomes that participants of the PIN Code program frequently acknowledge is a profound sense of CLARITY.

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